Choppa Block warranty is an intended use warranty.


Due to our warranty claims being so few, we have no specified timeframe to claim. Each claim is reviewed individually.


A claim would not be honoured if the board (timber) was subject to excess moisture or heat, causing the timber to swell or shrink, then triggering excess tension within the board, therefore causing a delamination of the glue joint, which is outside intended use of the product.


If the board were to fail within the intended use guidelines (such as being used as intended - slicing and dicing, removal of excessive moisture soon as practical, not using the board to cool dishes directly from the oven, etc) and oiling/board maintenance of the board when required was carried out (in accordance with Choppa Block care instructions), then the claim will be honoured.


As market leaders, every aspect of our manufacturing process is thorough - from timber selection, machining, lamination, to our finishing method. We have found over the years if a board were to fail it will generally do so in our care whilst in the manufacturing and oiling process.