About Us

Choppa Block is the home of quality Australian Hardwood End Grain Chopping Boards. Buy a Choppa Block here in our store.

We’ve been working with Australian hardwood timbers for over a decade now. There came a time when we wanted to have our own Australian made, quality constructed end grain chopping block – but we found that there wasn’t much around so we decided to meet that need. So welcome to Choppa Block.

We’ve refined, rather than reinvented the manufacturing process of an end grain board and know that we can offer one of the finest chopping boards available.

Australian Made – based in the Adelaide Hills, an ideal region because the favourable temperature range suits timber manufacturing. Timber likes it here!

Eco-friendly Australian Timbers – all our boards are made from select grade, kiln dried, Australian timbers. Our vigorous selection process removes any timber that won’t produce a superior board.

'FoodSafe' Oil is Safe –  it is a pharmaceutical and Food Grade Mineral Oil and is food safe for use on chopping boards. Being a mineral oil, it is not a tung based oil containing legumes (i.e., peanuts) which are the usual cause of allergic reactions in some people. (Always use according to instructions). Rubbing a small amount of mineral oil into wooden kitchen items periodically will prevent absorption of food odours and ease cleaning, as well as maintain the integrity of the wood, which is otherwise subjected to repeated wetting and drying in the course of use. The oil fills small surface cracks that may otherwise harbour bacteria.

Latest Gluing Techniques - Timber gluing technology has come a long way in past years. It is not unusual to create a glue joint to be as strong as the timber itself, if not stronger.

Advanced Finishing Techniques – our finishing process is extensive. They are sanded to such a fine sandpaper grit that a burnishing effect takes place. By burnishing, we’re removing the collapsed and soft cells of the timber, leaving behind a much harder and compressed surface which is far less prone to absorption. The boards go through a 7 day oiling and curing process. The oil used is food grade and all natural.

Manoeuvrable - we use a clear, non-slip, non-marking boot so you can reposition your board with ease when you need to, but will keep the board in place when you’re cutting. For large, heavy boards that live on the bench top permanently, we can install Teflon coated glides to help move the board over the bench top.